The Arkansas Trucking Association is committed to improving highway safety for everyone: the professional drivers who move our state and nation forward, and the motorists and families with whom we share the roads.

We believe that everyone deserves to come home safely, every day, and with our Share the Road program, we’re working to make that a reality.

The Arkansas Road Team delivers no-cost Share the Road presentations to around 100 schools and events each year in all parts of the state. They reach audiences of all ages and sizes, generally driving-age students in groups of 20-25 each. Presentations usually coincide with class periods of approximately 50 minutes each and are filled with lifesaving material.

What to expect

While every event is unique and can be customized for your specific audience and time-frame, the following represents a typical presentation:

  • Two Arkansas Road Team captains – safe and professional drivers committed to improving highway safety and the image of the trucking industry.
  • A tractor-trailer to allow your audience the chance to get behind the wheel and see a truck driver’s perspective. The tractor-trailer is also used to demonstrate blind spots, where the driver may lose visibility to motorists who linger alongside.
  • A short Share the Road video which highlights highway safety concerns.
  • Conversation and audience Q&A on safety, industry issues and careers in the trucking industry.

Presentations usually begin indoors in a classroom or auditorium setting with the Share the Road video and discussion. Topics include critical safety issues that all drivers should be aware of, such as avoiding distractions and knowing how to drive near big trucks. Road Team captains will then take the audience outside and let them look over the tractor-trailer, sit behind the wheel to demonstrate where blind-spots are, and explain “trucking physics,” for example, why it takes a fully loaded tractor-trailer the length of almost two football fields to come to a complete stop.

Contact the Arkansas Trucking Association today to schedule a Share the Road presentation for your school or event. For an expanded and enhanced experience, ask about arranging a presentation with  the SAFE1 mobile driving simulator.

See what a Share the Road presentation looks like in this brief video.

Watch the full Share the Road video to learn more about safe driving!